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John Anderholm
Pipeline Technical Director
London, England
CG Pipeline Developer with 9+ years of industry experience.


Pipeline Technical Director : : Framestore : : 2012 - Present

Technical Supervisor : : Reel FX Creative Studios : : 2005 - 2011

Software and Programming

Maya : : Nuke : : AutoCAD
Python : : PyQT : : MEL : : TCL : : Maya C++ API : : Nuke (NDK) C++ API


As a seasoned CG pipeline developer with substantial industry experience, I continue to be an inquisitive problem solver who endeavors to find creative and straightforward solutions to difficult technical problems. Unlike many people in my particular line of work, my educational background is in the arts rather than computer science. This puts me in a unique position to better understand artistic needs, allowing me to implement tools which not only satisfy the more sophisticated technical facets of a problem, but are intuitive and friendly for artists. It also enables me to effectively communicate technical language in a more easily understood fashion for all parties involved; be it artists, managers or clients.


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